Fertile plains and imposing mountains, beaches and pebbled coves, villages and Byzantine churches matched harmoniously in a place that satisfies the expectation for an unforgettable vacation.
Kalamata – capital and main port of Messinia, founded probably in place of the Homeric city of Farai. The shadow of Taygetos, the vast groves touch the shore and an endless beach. After liberation from the Turks, thanks to the products of the fertile Messinian land (oil, raisins, figs, etc.), became a rich urban center and important port. It is located 238 km. West of Athens.

Walking in the city


the legendary ‘Castle Isabeau “that animates every summer thanks to the prestigious International Dance Festival. The Castle in the panoramic view is built on the site of the citadel of Faron. Constructed in the 13th century. by William Villehardouin and underwent subsequent additions and alterations by the Venetians and Turks. At the foot of the castle lies the  church of Ag. Ioannou dating back to the post-Byzantine times.
The Old City, a favorite meeting place for young people, here is gathered a large part of the nightlife. Visit the Cathedral of the Visitation (1873), patron church of Kalamata, the monastery of nuns (12th c.) With its famous silk workshop and the Byzantine church of the Holy Apostles (13th c.), With the cloisonne masonry. This church received special historical value as in this place was  celebrated the first thanksgiving of liberated Kalamata on March 23, 1821.
Visit also:
The Town Hall, the Gallery of Contemporary Greek Art, with paintings, sculptures and engravings, the Benaki Museum with finds dating from the Bronze Age to Roman times, the Folk and Historical Museum with traditional items, local costumes and relics from Greek Revolution of 1821, the municipal theater and the Railway Park where exposed old locomotives and railway wagons.
Meeting place  for  the residents and visitors  is the spacious central King George Square. From here starts the pedestrian part of the main road Aristomenous where there are many shops and cafes. West of the square, the district developed around the picturesque train station with pedestrian network, small cafe-bars and taverns.
One of the gifts of Kalamata, is the huge beach 4km quiet, clean waters that  offer each year the blue flag. The seafront stretches along the boulevard Navarino and is one of the most beautiful places in the city to walk, bike ride, and of course a cool dip.
On the western beach is a remarkable marina town with many tourist facilities, cafes and restaurants.
– The revival of impressive custom of “saitopolemou” at Easter, the night of the Resurrection (Western Kalamata Beach – Old Slaughterhouse).
– Cultural events, theater performances and concerts at the castle amphitheater in the summer.
– The carnival events of the Municipality, with the standard “carousel” in the town square, every first Sunday of Carnival.
– The representation of the “Vlach Wedding”, which takes place in Methoni area.
– The International Dance Festival, held every summer and with his artistic radiation beyond the borders of the country and attracted dancers from around the world (www.kalamatadancefestival.gr).
– International Documentary Festival.
– The big carnival in Messina last Sunday of Carnival, culminating in the custom of  Clean Monday.
– Racing in Platy village (16 km. NW), the day after Easter.