Kalives (or Kalyves) is a village located 18 km east from the city of Chania, Crete, and one of the three seaside resorts in the region of Apokoronas.

You may find this quiet village as the ideal place for your summer holidays, especially if you’re traveling with your family, because the beach in Kalyves, where you’ll probably spend most of your time, is offered for relaxing vacation.

Furthermore, in the village, you’ll find everything regarding your stay.

Kalives Beach

During summer, Kalyves beach is the beating heart of the village.

The beach which is a block down from the square of the village, is interrupted by the outfall of the Xidas river, in front of the Kalyves beach hotel, and then stretches east up to the harbour.

The beach is well organized with sun beds and umbrellas that belong to one of the cafes or restaurants along the beach road.


Nevertheless, if you are looking for natural shade, you’ll find it under the trees that are along the beach.

Finally, on the beach, a number of taverns and cafes are there to serve your appetites or to extinguish your thirst. Sit down immediately after the sea, or after your evening stroll in the village.

A Sightseeing Walk in Kalyves

  • At the square of the village   1   lies the magnificent church of Agia Paraskevi and across the street, you will see an arched stone building, that may pique your interest. It is a watermill dating back to the late period of the Venetian rule in Crete (16th-17th century).

Kalives is a village that consisted by two settlements, the medieval part of the village, which is located west from the square, and the new settlement developed to the east and over the surrounding hills with modern houses and cottages many of which are offered for rent.

  • Wander around the medieval village of Kalives. You will notice that the houses are built very close to each other, and that the whole settlement forms a rectangle which is parallel to the coast, because the conditions of that time prevented the expansion on the hills.
  • Continue your stroll to the main street, east from the square, and you will find yourself over a little bridge, where you will see the Xidas river flowing right next the walls of the Kalyves beach hotel, creating a very special sight even in the evening. The boats that have been added there, also contributing to this.


  • Climb to the hill above the harbor, where are the ruins of the fortress of Castel Apicorno.

The Castel Apicorno was built by the Venetians during the second half of the 13th century, in the context of a general fortress construction program in Crete, to face the looming threat of the Turks, and also to control and protect the south coasts of Souda bay, where the enemy ships would be possible to approach, because of the existence of the drinkable water from the rivers of the area.

Do not hurry to leave without admiring the splendid panoramic view of the whole area, either to the side of Kalyves, either towards the eastern side where lies the Kera beach.