Nowadays, many illnesses are caused by psychological causes, such as stress, intense everyday life, modern demands, human relations, the lack of social cohesion, lack of close friend and family bonds and so forth.

The climate, the nature, the sea, walking, adventure, sports, asceticism, historical and cultural heritage, discovery, wellness, cruises, nutrition, participation, the change of environment are all contributing to the mental health. Crete is an ideal destination that combines all of the above.

Moreover, patients who could not go on a trip to another city or another country than the one covering them medically until now, can now enjoy all the benefits that Crete provides, while using the medical services that are offered throughout the island.

The climate of Crete is characterized by sunshine with many refreshing qualities, contributing to the fact that Greek thalassotherapy and spa facilities offered by luxury hotels are among the best in the world. This makes the island an ideal destination for spa hotels, wellness spa hotels, healing and medical tourism generally.


Advanced research and contemporary medical and healing center, located throughout the island, offer daily medical treatment to people with health problems, aiming to prevent, diagnose, treat and maintain health.

In all big cities of Crete, especially in Heraklion, many hospitals and clinics meet the needs of all the islands of southern Greece. Moreover, in every town of the island, there are health centers and community clinics that cover the basic needs of health care.

The existence of appropriate medical structures, the availability of specialized medical and healthcare professionals, the hosting structures for patients and their families (hotels with high standard amenities) as well as the competitive cost of the medical and healthcare services offered, compared to the other countries of the West, make Crete a rapidly developing destination for health travelers.

In Chania and Heraklion, modern centers of artificial insemination can offer their services to visitors from abroad. The existing legislation of Greece for the assisted reproduction for couples and single mothers is more favorable in Greece, compared to other countries.

Moreover, there are modern centers of physical and psychological rehabilitation, as well as Mental Health Centers, in which patients from all over the world can enjoy high standard services.

In big cities, there are public dialysis units, as well as private clinics, offering the chance to Greeks and foreign nefropathics to go on vacation away from home, without jeopardizing their life. Green gardens with pools and perfectly equipped places for dialysis that remind of luxury homes rather than clinics can provide a pleasant and civilized environment for patients who can also enjoy their holidays in Crete.

The most common services offered are the following:

  • instrument transplants
  • artificial insemination
  • orthopedic therapy and rehabilitation
  • cancer therapy
  • dentistry
  • ophthalmology
  • cardiology / cardiac surgery
  • plastic / aesthetic surgery


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