Paradisi is a village on the west coast of the island, it is situated outside the main International Diagoras Airport and is a traditional village with as many traditional homes as modern ones. The lively village square is where the main socializing happens, and here you will find a large amount of cafeterias, bars and restaurants. The villages charming name; Paradise, derives from the superb heavenly gardens with exotic flowers brought by Arabs, and also referred to as Villanova during the Italian occupation, nowadays, the name Paradisi suggests the beauty of the surrounding area.

The main road from Rhodes Town heading south, goes straight through the village, and one should be careful when driving through the village as the road is extremely narrow and takes a lot of traffic, including buses, trucks, cars, pedestrians and of course motor bikes. Paradisi is well known for its bakeries and you can find many of these situated on the main road emitting its warm, aroma onto the streets. The beach is pebbled and well-organized with water sport facilities, canteens and sunset views that you could never tire of.

There are many Byzantine churches in and on the outskirts of the village, but the celebration of Saint Marina at the end of July is something one should make a point of seeing. The locals are extremely hospitable and one can enjoy the festivities outside the church.