Enlightened by the long Greek summer the edges of western Messinia and satiated by light even blessed the winter months, stands opposite the New Pylos in Sfaktiria and protected coasts in the natural harbor of Navarino.
It Brings sounds and epic stories of centuries – legacy – completing all the features of “Eutopia”. Good location, the sun, the sea, the long history and the natural environment ∙ arguably the center of Southwest Messinia! What more can you ask and how to measure its virtues?

The entire site of Navarino, from aloft Mount Aegaleo, the Koryfasio and Agios Nikolaos until Sfaktiria, all embraced by light and Memories, green, olive, fruit and sources.
Pylos  is located in the  South entrance of Navarino with Niokastro towering over her, unfolds before you  Agios Nikolaos in small “valley” between the hills. As you come from the north-west side of the city,worth to gaze for a few minutes the road. You see the whole, with the marina and the port, with the boats of fishermen and tourist boats of visitors who anchor in the calm waters. The picturesque setting completes with  houses with red tiles, the castle and opposite the Yalova with Divari, the Voidokilia, over Fig Tree and Palaiokastro.