Hippocrates, the father of medicine was the first to discover the healing qualities of sea water by observing its healing effect on the wounded hands of the fishermen. Based on the fact that seawater helps wounds not to be contaminated, he urged his patients to follow treatments using seawater to relief pain. Today, it is world-wide acknowledged that thalassotherapy is an efficient method of treatment which refreshes the cells, using hot seawater.

 Most luxury hotels of Crete have established modern thalassotherapy and spa centers, all perfectly equipped and manned with well trained staff. Those centers have hydro massage facilities in heated pools using sea water, as well as aromatherapy and sea plant treatment. Thalassotherapy is based on the correct use of the beneficial components of seawater and sea plants.

   The number of thalassotherapy and spa centers is increased day by day, mostly in luxury hotels and hotel resorts; thus, a big number of luxury spa hotels and wellness spa hotels offer a variety of beauty treatments, well-being and sport including thalassotherapy.

   In most centers, the programs consist of a combination of seawater, sea plants and mud, aiming to provide the human body with all the beneficial components of the sea.

  Moreover, it benefits many more fields like relaxation, stress control, muscles toning skin revitalization and body weight control. What is also important is that it aims to improve health, when combined with a healthy nutrition.

 Scientifically certified staff and innovational techniques offer relaxation, relief from muscle pain, improvement of bodily health as well as improvement of mood, with the use of modern equipment.

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