In the western part of Crete is the prefecture of Chania with its canyons, caves, lakes and beaches ornaments. Important archaeological sites compose the scene that impresses every Greek and foreign visitor.
Chania city  is the capital of the county with many neighborhoods with picturesque places … The modern city spread out around the old has good layout, open roads, beautiful squares and well-preserved neoclassical buildings.

Attractions Chania
Agia  Marina is a crowded  resort with remarkable hotel complexes. Agia Marina is located near the holiday villages Stalos and Kato Stalos.

On the shores of the Libyan Sea and a short distance from the exit of Samaria Gorge is Agia Roumeli and Akrotiri.

In plain, full of citrus trees is the beautiful,is situated the village Alikianos. There you can see the artificial lake of Agia, wetlands and migratory bird route.

Laid out in a picturesque cove with turquoise waters, you can visit Almyrida, unlike Anopolis is situated at the foot of the White Mountains. Near Anopolis is the imposing canyon Aradena and Elijah Gorge.

Picturesque villages with houses surrounded by greenery is Asi Angle, Vamos, the Voukolies, Gavalochori, the Epanochori the Marsh, Therisso, Imbros, the Kandanos, the Kastelli, the Head, Kournas, the Malaxa, Meskla, Mournies, Perivolia, Platanos, the Polyrrinia, Sougia, Souda, Topolia, the Floria.
Tourist villages – resorts are Galatas and Georgioupolis which is located near the river Almyros and the tourist resort of Kavros with modern hotel complexes. The Daratsos is a tourist resort where you can visit the area of ​​the Holy Apostles and the unesco protected  islet of Elafonissi will impress you. Visit opposite the cedar forest.
Picturesque seaside village with bright island colors are Kalives while Kolymbari is picturesque seaside village with taverns and a small harbor for boats and fishing. From there you can visit the Cape Spada. You can also visit the traditional village of Tavronitis near the mouth of the river. Maleme is also a beautiful coastal village with a remarkable tourist visited cemetery  and nearby lies the holiday village Pyrgos Psilonerou.

Askifou Plateau is extremely scenic where you can find  a mountain refuge.

Enchanting is the Plateau storied Omalos where among others you can visit the cave of Tzanis. From Paleochora you can visit Elafonissi and the Anhydrous Gorge.
Excellent tourist attraction  is the picturesque resort of Platanias in the limits of the tourist village of Gerani.

Falassarna has extensive sandy beach and turquoise waters, while Frangokastelo is a coastal settlement built near the famous Venetian castle.

Small holiday resort is the Chrisoskalitissa built near the monastery of Panagia Chrisoskalitissas. If you are in the area visit the Inlet Cove in Crete, Loutrovrachodi beach and reservoirs in the region.
Chora Sfakion is a historical village with traditional architecture. It is known for its excellent traditional cuisine and for the tradition of vendetta. The port of Sfakia linked to Loutro, Agia Roumeli, Sougia,

In Paleochora and Gavdos small ships operating frequent services. It is worth visiting the picturesque seaside village of Loutro, accessible only by sea Daskalogiannis cave and the outdoor theater.

If you find yourself in Chania buy abundant local products and try Sfakiani Cake, snails, patty, fried meet and octopus.


Famous villages

The beach of Paleochora is suitable for swimming, and sports activities. Thanks to the location and the wind  is very favorable for windsurfing and kite surfing. A really beautiful beach, well organized, that can offer everything to the visitors.

Samaria Gorge
The Samaria Gorge is undoubtedly a place of great ecological importance so much in Crete and throughout Greece. Located in the southern part of Chania prefecture, between Omalos and Agia Roumeli. Gorge spans 48,500 acres and includes many rare species of flora and fauna including the Cretan goat, badgers and weasels. If someone wants to  cross the whole area takes about 3-4 hours of walking. The landscape is impressive and includes waterfalls, lakes and ravines, which will delight you.

Elafonisi is perhaps the most popular beach of Crete and is located in the southwestern part of Crete . You can visit it by boat from Paleochora or by car driving from Chania to the south. It is a paradise, with sand in shades of white and pink and turquoise waters. It is the most cosmopolitan beach of the county and is full of people every summer age.

Gramvousa and Balos

You will find it in the most western end of the island and is an extremely idyllic beach. It is quite popular and easily accessible either by car or by boat.


The Falasairnas beach located in the village and is only accessible by car. It has become famous for its crystal clear waters and unspoiled beauty. It is not very famous , is very quiet and idyllic. It is worth visiting for relaxation  and enjoy the best sunset of Crete.

Gavdos is the southernmost point of Europe and you will have the chance to enjoy views of the sea. The coast in Gavdos is isolated and not cosmopolitan and you can relax sunbathing or swimming in the clear water.

Located 67 km from Chania, between the villages Paleochora and Agia Roumeli. The landscape is green and there are hotels and restaurants that facilitate your stay. Sougia beach is with pebbles and is listed  among the cleanest beaches of Greece. There are smaller beaches for nudism, umbrellas, sun beds and showers.

Frangokastello is located east of the country Sfakia. It is a castle built  in 1370 and is known for the battle that took place in 1828 between Greeks and Turks. It is a big fortress that was absolutely organized to protect the city from the attacks of invaders.

You will find in the city of Georgioupolis, 38 km east of Chania. Sandy beach, 7 km long, suitable both for swimming in the crystal waters and for sunbathing on the fine sand.

Worth visiting the German Military Cemetery of the Second World War, where there  are buried 4,500 German officers and soldiers who died in the Battle of Crete in 1941.

Lake Kournas
Anyone found in the area, should visit the lake Kournas to admire the unique variety of flora and fauna and the breathtaking scenery. You can  make the tour of the lake admiring the wonderful surroundings, if you hire a small boat.

Monastery Chrisoskalitissas
Monastery Chrisoskalitissas is  located 72 kilometers southwest of Chania, built on a rock. The church of the monastery is very picturesque and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity. The view is panoramic and breathtaking.