Georgioupolis (or Georgioupoli) is the easternmost seaside resort on the north coast of the prefecture of Chania, Crete, and is located 38 km from the city of Chania.

Georgioupoli is a resort that can offer you relaxation and tranquility during your holidays, away from the sounds of the cities. However, in no case you will be given the feeling of loneliness or isolation.

Besides being a real village with permanent residents, each summer thousands of tourists come here for vacation. Consequently, in Georgioupoli there is everything you are going to need for your holidays.


In the square of the village and the surrounding streets, you will find shops of all kinds. There are, bank, supermarket and several mini markets, car and bike rentals and of course quite cafe-bars, restaurants and snack bars.

Apart from the square, there are numerous cafes and restaurants along the beach road of Georgioupoli, where you’ll probably spend most of the day.


The Beach of Georgioupolis

There are two beaches in Georgioupolis. The small Kalivaki beach, located in the west end of the village, and the long beach in front of the beach road, that stretches eastward for miles.

Both are within a walking distance, wherever you choose to stay in Georgioupoli.

View photos of the well-organized long beach of Georgioupolis.

Holidays in Georgioupolis

Get an idea about how you will spend your holidays in Georgioupolis.

Wake up early in the morning before it gets too hot, and take a stroll at the picturesque harbour of the village, located inside the river of Almiros. You may find the fishermen while collecting their catch from the nets.

For the more athletic, the long beach that spans a distance of 9 km, is offered for a morning walk. Get as far as you can.

If you don’t like any of the above two ideas, get yourself to the beach and enjoy your breakfast overlooking the blue of the sea and the white Chapel of St. Nicholas, located literally in the sea, or come directly for swimming and sunbathing.

As already told, there are many eateries on the beach road or the other streets, but also, just have in mind, there is a riverside taverna at the eastern side to the village, where the river Perastikos flows to the beach of Georgioupoli. You should cross the little bridge to reach the tavern.

In the afternoon, when the sun goes down, it’s the best time to make your ride in Georgioupoli. Walk by the sea, the promenade and on the mole that will lead you to the chapel of St. Nicholas, which is built on a rocky islet, about 230 metres from the shore.

Alternatively, buy a road, go fishing, and enjoy beautiful moments of tranquillity and relaxation by the sea, or continue your walk through the streets of Georgioupoli with its towering eucalyptus trees.


As the night falls, Georgioupolis is changing face because of the lights, the emerging smells of the roast of restaurants, and the music sounds from nearly every corner of this traditional Cretan village. See what happens the evenings in Georgioupoli.

If looking for extra activities during the day…

Go horseriding along the beach of Georgioupolis or rent a bike and explore the lovely green Cretan countryside full of olive trees, afar the annoying sounds and car traffic. The provincial roads of the surrounding area are ideal for bicycling.