Crete has always been the heaven of herbs. The air, the sun and the sea help plants be healthy and carry large amounts of essential oils.

Herbs are found all over the mountains, the cultivated land and the coastal areas and many of them are known for their healing properties.

The island has one of the richest and most interesting ecosystems of Europe, with a large number of native aromatic plants. Most famous are malotira and dittany, which are known for their antiseptic properties since the ancient times.

The visitor can find many shops selling herbs and be familiar with the herbs that are advisable for his illness, the strengthening of his health and the improvement his mood.

Many tours and seminars on herbs are organized on the mountains of Crete. In addition,
the cultivation of Aloe vera has recently been established on the island and many companies work on the production of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products based on it.

Source: http://www.cretanbeaches.com/en/facts/healing-and-tourism