Welcome  stranger in the place where the antiquity and history, complemented by its natural beauty. Admire its beauties, knotting and linking its glorious past. It is worthwhile to wander around the prefecture, is worth the trouble to climb Taygetus worth the trouble to visit Mani, place of rocks, stone, sea and gorges.

Visitors of the city of Kalamata will be impressed by the many neoclassical and listed buildings that adorn different corners of the city. One of the most important is the former house of Ephesus, which is the most representative sample of neoclassical building in the city. This building is the creation of Italian architect of the 19th century. Originally the home of Ephesus family, but in 1958 was sold to the French Government, which housed there the French Institute for many years, until 1986, that the damage caused imposed a long series of restoration works.

A picturesque  village of Messiniaki Mani is Kardamyli, where there are the ruins of the Homeric Acropolis and the fortress complex of Mourtzinos and the tombs of Dioskouroi. In Kardamili you can visit the gorge of Viros river with the wild beauty of the island Meropi, Village Suburb, the Killer region, Plain, Castle Zarnata and Stavropigio village petrinaparadosiaka homes.
 Houses painted with three colors, usually white, yellow and blue, Koroni is a picturesque seaside town built amphitheatrically on a low hill. It is worthwhile to visit the Fortress and the convent of St. John and Venetiko island with beautiful beaches opposite Akritas Cape.
Kyparissia is a coastal town situated at the foot of Mount Cold. It is worthwhile to visit the Ancient City, the remains of ancient harbor work, the Pavilion Exhibition Game Hunting Association of the harbor and the Eagle village with lots of waters and lush vegetation.
From the village Mavrommati visitors can drive to Mount Ithomi they will see the repeated series enclosures that protected the term. Crossing the plain of Meligala from Mavrommati you can see the prehistoric Dorio.

Methoni is a beautiful coastal town. On the south side of the castle worth visiting is the Bourtzi. It is worthwhile to visit the Messinian Inousses consisting of Sapientza islands, St. Mariani and sliver. Sapientza is important habitat ideal for excursions. It has safe harbor, the Porto Logo. Worth also visit the cave in the sliver. 

In the middle of the Messinian plain is Meligalas, commercial and agricultural center. It is worthwhile to visit the bridge Mafrozoumenas. 

Locals call Island. The reason for the landlocked agricultural town of Messina. You can swim in Agios Nikolaos, on the sandy beach of Bouka in Ascension, to St. Augustine and the beach of Velika.
One of  the major tourist centers of Messinia is Petalidi, where you can enjoy your holidays since it has great tourist development and to swim at beaches around the settlement and Kalamaki.

Pylos or Navarino, is a beautiful historic town with bright colors. Inside the harbor is Helonaki, the monument of the Fallen Saints in the homonymous battle. Worth visiting Palaiokastro, the cave of Nestor, Niokastro, the lagoon of Gialova, the area of ​​Voidokilia.

Stoupa is a seaside village, with extensive sandy beaches where you can visit the abandoned mine today Prestovas, Lefktro village and the village of Kastania.

Filiatra have modern residential look and mansions with courtyards and gardens. The Ancient City, Tower Wonderland and Christianoupolis are just some of the attractions, while the entrance of the village adorns the model of the Eiffel Tower, the Ch. Fournaraki.

The Foinikounta, fishing village has become a tourist resort and is famous for its wonderful sea of. Worth visiting Schiza islands and St. Mariano.
Its old facade with tile-roofed houses, narrow streets, retains the landlocked town of Trifylias country that is built in front of the homonymous valley and where you can visit the Mycenaean Palace  Englianos (Nestor).


Enjoy your summer holidays in the most picturesque and fabulous places in Messinia.

Your holidays may include visits to :

Agios Augoustinos